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08 holiday card

Warm hearts cold toes. Happy 2009

tribute to cold water


Viper Fish

sea-life designs


This is the first of a series of designs to be used on canvas shopping bags and the like.

submarine decay

When the creations of man are reclaimed by the sea.
photos by Don Barnett ©

So I’m not the only one who feels this plastic baggie thing is out of hand.

Honestly, does the average beverage container need to last ten thousand years.

I’ve been paying attention to how many plastic bags, wrappers, liners, etc. go into the trash every meal, shopping excursion or just about any function of life or commerce these days. The mind boggling mass of flimsy suffocating petroleum based baggy creatures is insane. We’ve all heard the stories of Turtles at sea ingesting and drowning on bags but do we realize how BIG the issue really is. Apparently I’m not the only one because somewhere in California they are outlawing the things. I usually think California is over the top but this time I think they are on to something. I do the usual refusal of plastic when I’m purchasing, unless I absolutely can’t carry the stuff without a bag and paper is not available, but lets consider breakfast cereal. You buy it in a box with a bag liner, carry it home in another bag and throw away the bag in a trash bag lined trash can. Try counting for just one day the numbers of flimsy little chokers you use. You know those things are flying off the back of the trash truck and never making it to the dump, even if you properly dispose of them. They will be on a bush waving goodbye to you on your commute, the day after trash day. It has been said that every item ever made of plastic, unless it has been burned, still exists.